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The following work exists within the public domain on this site and the tweets of @MCatherineGail only. No permissions have been or will be given to distribute in entirety or part other than re-tweets, which are great for self-promotion and etc. This writing forms part of My intellectual property and I do what I please with it (which means you read it, get ideas from it, muse and abuse it but not cut and paste bits of it). If you decide to mimic any recipes yourself then you do so at your own risk (just like if I said jump off a cliff; would you do it??? OK, I know, bad example; Me being a ProDomme and all, but you know the story).

Now on a more serious note, My thanks to @LadyNatsy and @Mattsyc whose wartenberg innocence inspired these words. I hope, conversely, that these words may inspire them, and all of you.


Miss Catherine Gail’s Kinky Receipt Book™

The torments of torture are made all the sweeter by the appropriate use of pleasure – and every sadist knows just how tortuous pleasure and kindness can be in the right hands. Anticipation and expectation are marvelous tools; and ones that – when aided and abetted by a warteberg wheel – can wreak the most artful havok on your willing victim.. ahem, playmate. So lets get down to it!


Recipe #1:

Ingredients: 1 blindfold, 1 wartenberg wheel, 1 willing (or otherwise prepared) blindfolded male

Method: Firstly, warm up your victim by running the wheel lightly over exposed skin. Avoid genetalia, bum crack, nipples and the more sensitive parts of the body such as inside thighs, inner arms, feet, boney protrusions, face, behind the knees etc.

Next, apply a little more pressure. It is important at this point [sniggers at the pun] that you control yourself. This is NOT a race! Make your victim squirm, but not scream… yet.

Topping (and not from the bottom): My personal favourite would have to be a sweet drizzling of teasingly cruel whispers made oh so softly into his eagerly waiting ear. Telling your victim how gentle and kind you are going to be with his warm, vulnerable body once he is comfortably bound comes highly recommended. Sweetness laced with a subtle drop of menacing tone in this case always does the trick. Perfect!

Recipe #2 due tomorrow ladies!