“My interests are many and varied. My style is unique. Fetishism and Dominance for Me is an artform; and in My case, one driven by a creative and intelligent mind!”

So who is Miss Catherine Gail? La Princesse Lointaine of course.

Mature; 46 years, and for those to whom it matters, genetically female with a voluptuously trim, and perfectly proportioned natural hourglass figure in the style of the classic 1950s cinematique goddesses. I am innate sensuality combined with rarely matched intelligence and power of will, standing 6′ in heels with a serene sense of controlled dominance about Me. As it should be.

My first victim fell to Me some 19 years ago; the memory forever seared into his mind. I can only imagine the candle wax on his exposed and tender skin ensured that - not to mention other pleasurable tortures inflicted in concert with My beautiful partner in crime as the opportunity unfolded. Entering the BDSM lifestyle publicly in 2008, I began professionally in 2010 at the behest of friends. I claim a style of My own as the most rarest of fetishists; a Mistress switch in the European style. Having sessioned with Dominas, Fetishists and Masters internationally, I have taken that which is useful to Me and respectfully discarded that which is not. An exhilaratingly powerful vanilla career in management, law, interrogation and occupational health makes for a mix that is both devious and sound.

Mindgames are My domain, and the road is through your senses. There is nothing better than real life experience to get your heart pumping and the mind racing now, is there? And I have tons of it…

My academic qualifications and interests include behavioural sciences, anatomy and physiology, law, philosophy, music and the military strategies of Sun Tzu with the odd game of skirmish thrown in for good measure. My career includes many years as a professional interrogator and time in the boardrooms of multi-nationals. I know men – inside and out – and love it!

To glimpse the deliciously wicked world that is Mine, see My POSTS.


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Novices, women and couples are very welcome. I have written a special letter to NOVICES.

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