Domination and Roleplay sessions

All roleplays depicted here are real. My clients have requested them. I have orchestrated them. Some have corresponding emails, posted with permission, and make interesting reading. Food for thought perhaps?

Extreme Fantasy. In The Curia you have BDSM’s version of ‘The Game’. A professional team of event organisers, BDSM practitioners, creative and devious minds, plus all manner of experience and knowledge. You are set for a unique experience when our team transforms your deepest, darkest desires into an extraordinary reality in which you live that haunting unsatisfied need.

See The Curia website here for further detail.

CFNM (clothed Female, naked male). My Mistress friends and I get together every few weeks to enjoy an afternoon/evening of chat and light play in a domestic setting. Submissive service-orientated males are invited to petition to serve at these gatherings. With 2 or 3 Mistresses to every naked submissive, your purpose is to cater for our every need and graciously submit to our playful whims and wills. This opportunity is unique in Australia and only held in Adelaide. Overnight slave accommodation is available if you are travelling from interstate.

The event is generally up to 6 hours in duration, inclusive of assisting Me to prepare before guests arrive. Tribute is $500 plus either wine or gourmet food from the Adelaide markets; $650 if staying overnight which includes your breakfast – after Mine, of course. Petitions MUST be made via email, however, you are welcome to contact Me if there are questions.

Dates are posted at The Curia.

Sensory Deprivation Massage. Submission takes on a new aspect in a unique session of sensual deprivation and sensual delight where your mind submits to my ministrations and your body is stroked, gently flogged and spanked into nirvana. Very suitable for uncomplicated sensual de-stressing with that D/s twist or the novice!

See more here.

Chastity. An erection is allowed only at My discretion, and under My direction and control. In session, in your daily life. Diaries and desperate petitions for release. All of it music to My ears.

Read further on the CHASTITY page.

Cross-dressing sissy maid or slut. Imagine a safe, warm, and inviting haven where you can act out your wildest feminisation fantasies and satisfy your deepest fetish desires. If your fantasies and desires concern sissy-play and its related fetishes I will embrace your proclivities and allow you to realize your most fantastic imaginings. There is nothing more moving than watching your tears of joy as the ugly duckling is transformed.

Strap-on play and sissy slut training, I will dish out the lessons befitting of the slut you are! You may petition to serve My every whim and will for an entire day or perhaps, dare you dream, overnight. I can hear your breath being taken even as you read…

Cuckolding. If we were together you would be obliged to find a real man to satisfy Me whilst making your pathetic attempts to please Me and do everything in your power to make Me happy. We would certainly not be having sex. Oh, no. I would make you masturbate for Me. I would then let you watch Me while another man pleases Me, all the while telling you how good it feels to be satisfied; unlike anything you might be capable of.

Do you need to discover if your Mistress is pleased more by another man? Do you measure up? Are you a real man?

No. You are the cuckold; a man whose Mistress is socially, and ultimately sexually, intimate with another man. And if you are fortunate – very fortunate – you may be present in the room at the time… in which case I will expect you to prepare Me for the “bull” and undoubtably clean up afterwards.

Read a story of cuckolding as told by the cuckold in the related post or read CUCKOLDING where I outline My interests in that fetish.

Corporate Seduction. Seduced by your female boss. Teased to the point of frustration. Your mind and body writhes at Her words and Her subtle ministrations until you beg release and Her favour.

Or has your female boss walked in on you only to find you and Her secretary in a compromising position? With a devilish smile She instructs you on exactly how to treat the little slut!

Interrogation. Physical and mental torture until you give up your secret, this fantasy is for the strong-minded only. Expect a scene of intensity and subtle psychological manipulation as you are pushed to your limits. Castration, mutilation, hypothermia, extreme pain all in your mind.. or is it?

Read one of My interrogation opening scene of here.

Public Humiliation. At My hand your humiliation is as subtle or intense as My imagination can invent, and your embarrassment can tolerate!

Invite me to lunch or dinner and you will likely find yourself on your knees, limited to just a glass of water, while I enjoy a three course meal and bottle of fine wine. Perhaps for My amusement I will leave you gagged with hands bound in the central business district to make your own way back to My dungeon. Parade you around in a collar and leash, perhaps? Or dress you as a sissy boy to shop for feminine hygiene products. There is no end to my imagination!

Kidnapping and force play. I give you reason to follow me to a vehicle – yes, it all seems innocent enough. But then you are bundled in and find yourself in a situation where, bound and disoriented, you are made to perform those taboos never dared contemplated for the real world…

TPE. You tell Me about the session you desire and because you are a self-described “pain pig” it goes something like this: as you walk in the door you are collared, gagged and cuffed securely before that dominant part of you has the opportunity to even speak. Mistress takes you to Her chamber of horrors in which you will endure that 3 hours of torture humbly begged of Her over the past week. The pain of electro-torture, humiliation, forced to suck cock, Her fist violating you.

I will take you. Violently. Decisively. Totally. Your own heartbeat deafens you. Your world reduces to a moment. Hooded. Bound. The buzz of a violet wand and the smell of ozone greet your senses as I whisper, “give yourself to Me”.

Read one of pain pig’s emails in the post PAIN PIG.

Lifestyle Sessions

A day as My gimp

A day in which My every whim is your only task, My every desire is your only command. As a gimp you serve Me – and serve Me well. You exist as and when required. Expect to be chained or caged. A non-person. Nothing.

This is a 6, 12 or 24 hour day within My Adelaide studio or a London dungeon.


This is a 12 or 24 hour overnight experience in either dungeon or domestic surroundings and can include roleplay, attending fetish events, private fetish play or chastity, public humiliation and the like. Request further details in an email or contact Me by telephone.


You must email Me,, to request these lifestyle opportunities. If interested in taking your request further, I will interview you either in person or over the telephone. Be prepared to present your passport or other official photographic identification and provide the required deposit.

It is suggested you have experience serving Mistresses before embarking on the stay as I shall require diligence and perfect behaviour of you.

Note that in lifestyle opportunities I respect your limits but other than that I session when I choose, however I choose. Sometimes I want to enslave. Sometimes humiliate. Sometimes indulge. These opportunities are about Me, not you.
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